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Christine Bhe, certified Tai Chi and Qigong Instructor on a sandy beach with hills and blue sky.

Christine Bhe, Tai Chi and Qigong Instructor

Christine is on a mission to introduce students of any age and ability to the life-changing benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong. Her classes are designed to be safe and gentle exercise that de-mystify these ancient arts and makes them accessible and fun. She began her path to health and well-being with Sun style Tai Chi classes in 2012 and has been a certified instructor since March 2016. 

~Certified Tai Chi for Health Instructor with the Tai Chi for Health Institute. Christine's Tai Chi for Health classes incorporate Dr. Paul Lam's Stepwise Progressive Teaching Method to learn Tai Chi forms.  For more information go to  

~Certified Taijifit Flow and Taijifit for Veterans Instructor with Taijifit International. Christine's Taijifit classes enhance Qi and create a state of Flow through continuous fluid movements utilizing David-Dorian Ross' 5 Part Qi Cueing Method. For more information go to

~Certified Shibashi Qigong Instructor. Master Wing Cheung of the Tai Chi, Qigong & Feng Shui Institute.  For more information go to

~Certified Baduanjin (8 Brocades) Qigong Instructor. Master Zhichao Ling of Ling's Oriental Martial Arts.  For more information go to

Dr. Zhichao Ling, Master Ling's Oriental Martial Arts

Dr. Zhichao Ling is Christine's Shifu (Master instructor and mentor) since July 2014.   She studies traditional Yang and Chen style Taiji (Tai Chi) as well as Qigong, Taiji Sword, Taiji Fan, Taiji Push Hands and Taiji Chin Na (Applications) with Master Ling.  She earned her 3rd degree black belt in Yang Style Taiji in November 2019.  "Shifu Ling has been invaluable in teaching me the depth, principles, and applications of traditional Taiji."  For more information go to

Christine's Students Comments:

Tai chi under a tree at the BodyZone with Christine Bhe.  Summer day with people doing tai chi for health in the green grass.

I wish I could express in words how much you are helping all of us with your online classes.  I look forward to the peace and calm you provide. 

I can feel my body growing stronger and more flexible, my balance is improving, and my mind is challenged.


Thank you for the awesome class - just what my body and spirit needs.  Can't wait for the next class. 

I am delighted with this tai chi class and so happy that it is offered. This is as good a class as I have taken in the six years I have  practiced tai chi.

Your classes have made a big difference in my healing journey! Thank you!

Christine is a terrific instructor!   A+

Your ability to teach, instruct, explain, demonstrate, show patience, cajole and appropriately harass your students is remarkable!  ...we really love the way you spend time to break things down to smaller details... don't change a thing, you are exceptional!   

Christine Bhe is an excellent teacher. She teaches the theory, as well as the movements, of Tai Chi.

I appreciate the improvements it is having on my balance.  

I enjoy Christine's style of teaching and the company of the other participants.

Great instruction, with healthy mind and body ideas.  

Excellent instruction plus being with others while doing tai chi is very enjoyable.

I like the mind and body focus...and easy on my joints!

Christine is an awesome instructor.  She makes the class.            

Thank you for the opportunity to learn, practice, and grow, in my journey toward good health through Tai Chi.

You are a super instructor and it is great to work on the weight shifting and the way we need to move. It was fun to mix up the warm up doing it seated.  

I love your classes and the results have been nothing less than amazing.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful community!